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I help online educators (Coaches, Consultants, Experts, Course Creators) achieve 1-100k+ monthly recurring revenue, without getting bogged down or burned out. 

Make millions monthly by scaling your knowledge into ONE Thing

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Business strategy, tailored to your level!!

Find out what steps you should implement to make 100k+ monthly recurring income AND have a life.

MRR = Monthly Recurring Revenue 
"The reason you won't cry yourself to sleep again."

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Growth on autopilot

According to Gartner, this year's trends fall under three themes: Digitization, Location Independence, and Resilience.

In addition, "automation" is described as a strategic competitive advantage.

Our clients are learning to stand out from the crowd by creating their own methodologies and frameworks that can be shared in a scalable way, instead of consulting individually.

Based on valid data, they build a system step by step that automates their sales and marketing activities.

Combined with the digital advantage, a lean product set, and agile systems, they realize growth on autopilot, without any existing community, expensive ads, or outstanding tech skills."

And no, you don't have to be on social media all day to do it.

To sell online, capture the market and deliver transformative experiences, you need to reimagine your business. Sure, you can achieve that by offering 1:1 support and posting three times a day, but that's not a viable business concept.

AND it doesn't promise long-term growth and recurring revenue.

Future-proof your business by turning it into a lean powerhouse - for you and for your customers.


Designed for online educators who want to balance high performance and scalability with ease to enable exceptional results without being constantly involved.

If you run an online business, there comes a time when you need to improve by reducing complexity and streamlining everything, so you can grow.

Eliminate everything that doesn't bring you profit, power, and progress; design a clear and simple path to program success.

Future-proof your business by turning it into a lean powerhouse for you and your customers.

Then review how you can get support and become a "Small Giant" by building a small premium team. 

All by doing less!

Working Women
"Kriss is revolutionizing the online education industry with a radical minimalism approach."
"The perfect balance of high-level knowledge transfer, elegant automation, sustainable scalability, and agile systems to increase productivity."


Online education is the future! It allows freedom, flexibility, and independence. Knowledge transfer and access to resources that would otherwise never have been accessible.

Online Educator [Experts, Coaches, Consultants & Course Creator] create jobs, feed families, and build a business model that opens new opportunities. The power to buy a home, save for retirement, send your child to the best schools, fund innovative projects, promote others, and do anything you want.

But the industry gives the wrong impression.

Awkward print-based sales tactics, poor content with no added value, lack of transparency, and false promises.

Late-night work sessions, daily content production, and unreasonable pricing structure characterize the lives of experts, coaches, and consultants, causing stress, frustration, and dissatisfaction.

The image of a successful seven-figure online entrepreneur is false.

Expensive cars, cheap sales funnels, and a big team are unnecessary and disappointing.
It's time to change that!

Our goal is to help online educators build a lean, profitable 7-figure business without sacrificing their lives.

Ready to take the leap?

Depending on where you stand, you need a different focus to concentrate on what will drive your business forward and provide a stable foundation.

To get to regular recurring income of 1,000 dollars/ month, 10,000 dollars/ month and 100,000 dollars a month, the respective focus differs.

THE Program shows you step by step how to get to the next level without detours and vanity metrics.

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